Recovery time after the tummy tuck operation differs from person to person. Mostly it depends on the age and physical well being of the person and the size of the operated area. A mini tummy tuck that requires fewer incisions would heal faster than the complete tummy tuck.

The tummy tuck surgery often results in swelling and bruises in the operated area accompanied with pain and some amount of bleeding too. The swelling and pain subside with medication but the bruises and scars take slightly longer to fade.

During the recovery process you should avoid going out in the sun to prevent further scarring and opt for soothing massages to increase blood flow to the affected and sore muscles.

The release of tension from the sore muscles signals the body to let go of the excess moisture. The massages therefore help remove the fluid from the swollen abdomen and channel them to drain naturally from the body thus speeding the recovery. Your surgeon may prescribe medication for the pain and swelling.

You will experience some degree of nausea and vomiting too as a result of general anesthesia during the tummy tuck recovery.

You should wear some kind of compression clothing to reduce the swelling in the operated area. This helps in reducing the scars and increases blood circulation to the site of operation, thus helping in build up of new tissue for faster recovery. You may be asked to wear elastic stockings to prevent formation of blood clots in the legs. The scars usually fade away in a few months but in some cases may take up to a year. You can use medical honey dressing, like dimethicone, one of the most popular options, to speed up the healing of scars. Silicon dressing too is quite popular and the active silicone in them stimulate healing.

During the tummy tuck recovery process, the first two days are relatively painless as the body is under the effect of anesthesia. By the time the pain and swelling sets in, you are already on your way to recovery.  You should keep a watch on your body temperature as even a slight fever may be indicative of an infection. You should immediately consult your doctor if you see bleeding from the incision site. Redness in the operated area too should be immediately brought to notice, as it could indicate onset of an infection.

You should follow the post operative instructions carefully and take special care to keep the dressing clean and dry during the tummy tuck recovery.

You should follow the frequency for changing the dressing with utmost importance as an unclean dressing can lead to infection at the site of incision. The doctors may opt for dissolving or non dissolving stitches depending on availability and requirement. The non dissolving stitches are removed within ten days after the surgery. You should avoid strenuous activities during the recovery and refrain from lifting and moving heavy objects. You should immediately consult your doctor if there is heavy bleeding or any breathing problem onset due to general anesthesia.


You can hasten recovery after a tummy tuck surgery by following the doctor’s instructions to precision and remember that everybody recovers at different speeds.

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