A tummy tuck is done to remove the excessive fat and loose skin from the stomach. Cosmetic surgeons perform this surgery on the middle and lower part of the abdomen to get rid of the fat pockets that have become resistant to diet and exercise. However, with most surgeries, a tummy tuck comes at a price and is often accompanied with side effects. One of the most visible side effects of the surgery is the scars it leaves behind. Every tummy tuck operation results in new scars. The scars appear at the site of incision made by the doctor. The tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles but it can highlight any scar present from previous operations too.

Some swelling and bruises appear after the operation which may fade away with time and medication and need no special attention.

These tummy tuck scars usually look worst after approximately three months of the surgery and at times may take almost a year to heal.

You may consider applying a scar fading formula if your doctor advises it and try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. The incisions made by the surgeon during the surgery are usually made at places that are not noticeable. These are mostly hidden under your undergarments.

You should make sure that you wear the compression garments suggested by the doctor and be careful with the dressings to speed up the healing of scars and prevent further scarring. The compression garments help reduce the swelling and bruises and their snug fit stimulates circulation of blood to the affected area. This in turn helps build up new tissue and reduce the appearance of scars. Some silicon dressings are also available and are becoming increasingly popular in reducing  tummy tuck scars. These dressings contain active silicone to stimulate healing. Medical honey dressings too have proven to be very effective in reducing the scars. However you need to consult your surgeon before opting for any of these dressings.

Another great way to reduce the tummy tuck scars is through massage.

Massage increases the blood circulation to the affected site. This activates the tissue and the skin heals faster. You can reduce the size of the tummy tuck scars by massaging the area on a regular basis.

The size of the scar depends mostly on the size of the operated area. The larger the operated area, the more the scar intensity. When you opt for a complete tummy tuck, the scars appear parallel with both sides of the waist and straight along the abdomen over the pubic area. Once the healing starts, they tend to join in a line and appear as a large smile. If you are too much worried about the appearance of scars post the operation, you can opt for a mini tummy tuck as it requires only a couple of tiny incisions and generates far less noticeable scars. For this reason, it is also known as the scar-less tummy tuck.

You should pay extra attention at keeping the dressing clean, as unclean dressings can lead to further infection and make the scar more noticeable.

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